My projects are of the quilting/sewing/knitting/tatting/crocheting/cooking variety for my family, pets, and loved ones. (No scrapbooking, no photography, very little home dec. I accept my lack of skill in some areas).  I post my process in the blog, so clicking on this picture takes you to just the finished projects.


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SockSack (for 2-at-a-time sock knitting)

Source: SockSack via RamonaRose on Craftsy

Henny Penny Dress (SO fast and simple, but with lots of options)

Source: Henny Penny Dress via RamonaRose on Craftsy

BoPeep Dress (the front panel is the perfect place to show off a small amount of beloved fabric)

Source: BoPeep Dress via RamonaRose on Craftsy

Ring Around the Rosie (simple dress with no exposed edges, super comfortable for a picky wearer)

Source: Ring Around the Rosey via RamonaRose on Craftsy

Big Enough Backpack (with attached money pouch inside.  Big enough for a folder or thin binder and some treasures)

Source: Big Enough Backpack via RamonaRose on Craftsy

The Awesome Bag (it’s awesome.)

Source: The Awesome Bag via RamonaRose on Craftsy

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About Me


I’m Ramona.

I’m 33.

I like ellipses a lot. (and parentheticals, but not always capital letters)

I have a seperate blog for my kiddos, (which is private, for their sake), so this is my incredibly self-centered site. No ads (except my own)…. Just lots and lots of stuff I made/am making.

I have 3 kids (older boy, D, middle girl, The Bean, and baby boy, Crockett), live on the GORGEOUS Palos Verdes Peninsula (southern Los Angeles), have an incredibly talented and wonderful husband, 3 cats, 2 dogs, a fish, and … um… 8? sewing machines?

thanks for visiting!